Welcome to Sedaven High School

Whether you are a student, past alumni, or the parent of a hopeful applicant, once you view these pages, you will come to know and recognize the essence of who we are.

Our VISION is to produce young people who are able to meet the challenges of tomorrow. At Sedaven High School we set out to achieve this by:

  • aspiring towards excellence in academic, sporting and cultural fields
  • creating a safe, caring and enriching environment in which each child can find a “place in the sun”
  • providing progressive, technologically advanced and innovative education
  • contributing towards the development of character by encouraging personal integrity, loyalty, good manners, independent thinking and high moral values
  • fostering a respect of all fellow citizens and an appreciation of cultural diversity.

With a strong focus on a FAMILY and CHRISTIAN ethos as well as a HOLISTIC APPROACH to education, Sedaven High School provides a balance between academic, sport and cultural fields.

Sedaven High School is a place where VALUES, MORALS and LIFE LESSONS are taught and where we VALUE YOUR KID as an individual with the right to DEVELOP and GROW.
Welcome to a school that recognises learners needs and passions and that NURTURES each and every learners full potential.